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Got forms? Go with Fillaform!

Looking for a WordPress form alternative?

Creating forms on WordPress can be a hassle.

Have YOU had any of these problems with your WordPress forms?

  • Notification emails not arriving?
  • Your website is mobile-friendly but the form plugin isn't?
  • Updates to the plugin breaks your website?
  • Updates to WordPress break the plugin or make it incompatible?
  • The form doesn't store the data safely - or at all?

Is your life is too short to worry about plugins and emails and security and updates???

Then look no further - the solution is right here.

With Fillaform, you'll never have to worry about your forms and your website playing together nicely again.

Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • There's no coding to do when building or using a Fillaform form
  • Fillaform forms have a built-in invisible CAPTCHA, so you won't get spam
  • Fillaform comes with a secure, compliant database for your data
  • Notifications about completed Fillaform forms always safely arrive with you and any other team members on your Fillaform account
  • There are no software updates to do - you will always have the latest version of Fillaform, automatically
  • There is no plugin to install or update with WordPress
  • Compulsory form fields are validated, and special data fields formatted correctly (e.g. numbers and dates)
  • Fillaform are mobile-friendly and always have a simple, smart look-and-feel
  • You can even ask your users to sign their forms with their mouse or finger using our handy signature box!

But if there's no WordPress plugin, how do I use Fillaform with my website?

Simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Create your form on Fillaform (or ask us to create it for you, free of charge)
  2. Click the Send button which will give you a link to your form (and a QR code image)
  3. Add the link as a normal link in WordPress, or add the QR image as a normal image

What results can you expect?

Your life will be easier, and your WordPress form woes will be gone. In addition:

  • Your form data will be reliably and securely stored, ready for you to download at any time, either as a spreadsheet or as a neatly formatted PDF
  • You will reliably receive email notifications when your forms are submitted
  • Engagement with your customers or users will be enhanced and improved
  • You'll have more time for your valuable work (or favourite hobby) and waste less time fixing WordPress forms
  • You will have peace of mind!

It's time to put an end to your WordPress forms once and for all.

It's time for Fillaform!