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Got forms? Go with Fillaform!

How it works:

  1. Design a form with our simple builder tool and templates
  2. Send the form as a link or QR code
  3. You'll be notified by email when the form is completed
  4. Review and print responses, or export elsewhere

The responses are stored securely in a GDPR-compliant database.

Got forms? Go with Fillaform!

💡 Busy? We'll build your forms for you, free. Just send us your forms and we'll set everything up within the day!

A simple yet powerful form builder

Our form builder is both simple to use, and powerful, allowing you to create almost any kind of form.

The builder allows you to create a form using the most appropriate kind of box for the information you're trying to collect, including:

  • Text boxes of any size
  • Email boxes that accept only valid email addresses
  • Number and slider boxes that accept only numbers
  • Drop-down lists allowing only one item to be selected
  • Checkboxes (tick-boxes!)

We have also included several advanced fields to provide you with an even more convenient form, including:

  • A date box with a handy calendar date-picker
  • An address area, providing a collection of boxes suitable for all address formats
  • A phone number box that correctly formats the number according to any international dialling code, which can be selected by country
  • A signature box, allowing the user to add their signature by using their finger or mouse

Need to work with images and PDF files? Our forms also offer:

  • An image upload box, supporting all common graphic formats (such as PNG, JPG, GIF, and more)
  • A PDF upload box
  • Secure cloud storage for images and PDF files - you're able to download them at any time along with your form responses

You can set fields to be mandatory or optional, and the whole form is validated before submission, allowing your users to correct any mistakes.

How do I get started?

To help you get started, we have a range of form templates for a wide variety of different situations.

  • Membership forms
  • Application forms
  • Booking forms
  • Signable contracts
  • Entry forms
  • Order forms
  • Sales enquiry forms
  • Surveys
  • RSVP forms
  • And more!
To help you get started with Fillaform, we have a range of form templates for a wide variety of different situations

Great presentation and easy completion

A well-presented form is more likely to be completed, and our clever boxes will mean that it's more likely you'll collect accurate information too.

Our forms are convenient and easy to complete whether viewed on a mobile phone, a tablet, or on a computer.

Secure and compliant storage

When your form has been completed, you'll receive a notification and a link to view the response.

All form responses are stored in our secure datacentre, and located within the EU for GDPR compliance.

Easy access to your data

When you are ready to access your form responses, you can view them online, print, save as a PDF, or export to a spreadsheet.

When you print a response (or save as a PDF), it will look just like the paper responses that you're used to.

When exporting to a spreadsheet, you can then carry out further processing immediately, without having to key in your responses elsewhere, reducing the risk of errors being introduced.

Fair pricing without silly limits!

We believe that you shouldn't be worried about your forms stopping working just because you've gone over an arbitrary monthly limit, as is the case with older form software.

Therefore, Fillaform allows any number of form submissions, and no limit on the data storage you need for your responses.

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