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Morgan the sales rep

Mistakes and paperwork put Morgan's mouse sales in peril, until Fillaform saved him, his job, and his dreams of a white Bentley!

Morgan the sales rep, a Fillaform Hero

Meet Morgan, a sales rep at a start-up ergonomic computer mouse company. He dreams of one day buying a big house and a white Bentley for his wife. But his sales targets are tough, and his boss and stakeholders are demanding. At trade shows, he used to collect leads with a clipboard, but mistakes and lost sheets meant lost sales.

Morgan was desperate for a better solution.

Then he discovered Fillaform. With a handy QR code and an elegant form, Morgan enticed trade show attendees to enter their details on their mobile devices. He was able to track and follow up on every lead, with no mistakes or lost sheets. The process was smooth and effortless, and Morgan couldn't believe how much more efficient and stress-free he was. He found he had plenty of time to chat to attendees instead of faffing with his clipboard, and as a result he was able to make many more sales.

Morgan even came up with the idea of a prize draw to lure attendees to his stand and QR code: a golden ergonomic computer mouse!

As he looked at the growing list of leads, Morgan could feel the weight lifting from his shoulders. With Fillaform, he had finally found a way to hit his targets, impress his boss, and meet the expectations of his stakeholders. He imagined his wife's face as he handed her the keys to their new house and the gleaming white Bentley parked in the driveway. Morgan knew that Fillaform had changed his life for the better, and he couldn't be more grateful.

Be a hero, be like Morgan.

Try Morgan's form - click or scan the QR code:

ErgoMouse - Trade Enquiry Form

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